Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting to know you, err I mean me..:)

I am Genelle Voss and my husband calls me a diversified crafter as I make so many different things!

I started crafting and sewing some where around 5 years old and I started with embroidery. That quickly grew into making my own skirts..simple ones but yet I did it myself!! I got my love of the crafting and sewing arts mostly from my Great Aunt Myra, who could run an old treadle machine like the newest fastest electric ones!! She also was a very talented artist and did beautiful paintings and portraits. Then there was my Great grandmother Kate Torrey..a tall and very stern woman who made the most beautiful rugs you ever saw!! I would watch her for hours as she transformed rags into rugs that would take your breath away in their beauty! She also did embroidery work and was also an excellent seamstress.

My mother was the fastest crocheter you could ever imagine and never read from a pattern. I did not learn from her but got my desire to crochet from her. I just one day decided I was going to do it and got the hook and some yarn and an old Needlework Basket magazine and taught myself. I am quite proud of the fact that I have won many awards for my crocheting, mostly for my christening gowns.

Among the things I make are rugs, clothes, knit, tat, jewelry.. with wire, beads and polymer clay, cards, prims, dolls (both cloth and sculpted) and other stuffed beings, learning to make fascinators and hats, some scrapbooking and anything else that might come my way!! I want so much to be a better canvas artist, but not too good at that and hope to take some online classes soon.

I give a lot of credit to some of the great crafters we have seen on tv in the past..such as Aleene Jackson, Tiffany Windsor, Heidi Borchers and the guests they used to have on Aleene's Creative Living and to Carol Duvall..all of these great crafting pioneers taught me many things via TV and now on the internet!! A big thanks to them!!

I enjoy watching Create TV and the crafting and crochet and knitting programs and also the ones on PBS. I adore Martha Pullen!! I find Mark Montano so refreshing and creative and think Cathie Fillian and Amy Anderson are the bomb!! I am also quite inspired by Andrea Currie who has such a unbeatable and wonderful spirit.

As for me personally I am a 60 year old Christian wife, mother of five, grandmother to 9, great grand mother to 2 and mommy to many cats and 5 dogs. I love the Dallas Cowboys and Nascar (Mark Martin is my fav!) and Dwight Yoakam!! I love Facebook and the many friends I have found there and am enjoying the new website "The Hive".

We lost our home to a fire a bit over a year ago and lost all we had..but we are blessed and we have each other and our heavenly Father and that is most important to us. I am slowly rebuilding my crafting supplies and hope to be able to start selling my items again one day soon.

I am so pleased to have you reading my blog and please do feel free to leave any comments. God bless you all!!

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  1. You are the most positive and sweetest person I have never met! I may not comment a lot here or on facebook, but please know you inspire me!
    Big hugs to you Genelle!