Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red sky at night..

My father always told us "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; Red sky at morning, sailors take warning." and I never forget to look at those beautiful red skies in amazement, wondering if the prediction of the weather will hold true to the saying.
What does this saying actually mean, the claim is that it means:
If you see a red sky during sunset (when you're looking to the west), there is a high pressure system with dry air that is stirring dust particles in the air, causing the sky to look red. Since prevailing front movements and jet streams weather usually move from west to east, the dry air is heading towards you.
Predicting the weather has got to be a very difficult job to say the least. When we listen to our local weatherman it seems to be different from one television station to the other. Even on one station your hear them say that one model they use predicts one thing and another model says something else. What are we to believe?
I use a lot myself, but hubby prefers the National Weather Service and they seldom have the same forecast!! You can find some of the old methods on this link:
I will never forget one time asking a friend who just came in out of the rain and was soaking wet, "Is raining?" to which he replies. "I don't know, I will go look" he either fell in the pool or it was raining. lol Or maybe it was the thing of if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes and it will change!
One thing is for certain, a weather forecast never seems to be certain. But that does not mean you should not heed what the weatherman is telling us if there is a slight chance of severe weather as in the case of a tornado or hurricanes. Better safe than sorry!!
I think I might stick with the old redneck rope forecast:
Hang up a piece of is as follows
Rope dry..sunny
Rope wet..raining
Rope moving..windy
Rope frozen..cold
Rope completely gone..tornado
I hope you have good weather where ever you might be..but looks like the rope will be frozen in most of the country for the next few days at least!!

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