Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boogy Woogy Fever..

My husband has some kind of flu..guess the doctor either could not say or would not say.. guess we will know more when the nasal swab results come back.
Since I am recalling my childhood and all the old memories lurking around in my mind, it brings up all the times I was ill as a kid. Sad to say it was really quite often. Doctors have said it could be related to the fact I have fibromyalgia today.
My first recollection of being ill was having the mumps..back then they wrapped a scarf around your head. Kind of like this:

You got quarantined by the doctor, who actually came to the house for everything!! Try to get a house call now, you will hear them rolling on the floor in laughter as they hang up on you. Well, they also did this trick of giving you either a pickle or some vinegar and if it about killed you, yup, you had the mumps! Cruel punishment for a child already ill!
I seemed to be very thirsty and had asked my mother, who was frazzled with 3 kids with the mumps, for a glass of water. She told me my legs were okay and to come get it myself..BIG mistake! She was also doing laundry or as we usually called it "The Washing". We had one of those old wringer machines and doing the wash took almost all day. You had to wash it, then wring it, then rinse it in a separate tub, then wring it again! If I had to do laundry that way we would be buying new clothes all the time!! So anyway, I went to the kitchen and she had told me my water was sitting on the counter..I picked up the glass (why did we call them glasses, we had those old colorful aluminum tumblers) and downed the water. Tasted a bit weird, but I had the mumps, nothing tasted good! I went back to the sofa and laid down, when she screamed from the kitchen, where was the glass of bleach?? Oh dear Lord, I drank her bleach!! Thought it tasted weird and why did she has the bleach in the dang glass any how?? Which was just what my father wanted to know too!! Oh well he said guess I was clean inside now. No ill side effects
Wasn't the first time I ate or drank something I should not have, but that is a story for another day!!
So hubby is home and resting and will take the rest of the week off of work..oh more fun!! I most likely will never get anything made this week!!

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