Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Memories light the corners of my mind...

As I swiftly approach my 60th birthday the 28th of this month, memories of a lifetime rush in to fill all the little nooks and crannies of my mind. Seems these days the least of things can trigger a memory of the last 59 years.
Like the other day looking at a pattern to make my 4 year old grand daughter a new dress (she asked me to please make her a new dress, not that she does not have tons of clothes, guess she just wants one I make), there was a pattern of a cute little aline princess style dress in a beautiful pale green. I had a dress like that when I was in elementary school I dearly loved. Wore it as often as I could too! Never forget the last time I got to wear it either..
We were on the way to school in the bus and had just started down to pick up the Rice children, when the driver reached over to pick up something and took her eyes off the road. We went over the edge of the low water bridge into the rushing stream below! It had been raining heavily the past few days and the stream was a bit swollen and moving fast! I don't know why, as she was the only adult aboard, but the driver panicked and kind of froze. I got the back door open and started getting the kids off the bus. I got my younger sister off first and sent her to the Rice home to get help. The toll of the whole ordeal was my beautiful pale green dress was ruined and I never got to wear it again!
Memories like that keep flooding into my thoughts..maybe this is a good thing, because I can still recall and see those things so clearly and vividly in my mind. So I guess my mind is still pretty sharp for an old gal!
Maybe my daughters can use my "blogging and remembering" to make a journal for whoever might want it..hint. I plan on trying to do some mind jogging every day up to my birthday. Seems to be the only exercise I get these days!!
I hope and pray for each of you that your memories light up the corners of your mind and you can keep your mind sharp and working well as you grow older too!


  1. I Love your post about your memories lighting up the corners of your mind. I recently had a birthday too and had had surgery a few days prior so my mind was kinda fuzzy! I remember my granny telling me that birthdays were to celebrate another year that the good lord gave us but also to celebrate all of our accomplishments of the previous years. So early Happy Birthday and let's celebrate every day the Good Lord gives us!


  2. Hi! your blog is so cute!!! Have fun making your graddaughters dress!! I MUST learn to sew for my 8 mon baby!!! Have a great birthday!

  3. Your blog background is darling. I hope you show the progress and finished work on your granddaughter's dress! I look forward to seeing it! I found your blog via Facebook. People keep recommending that I become a fan of your Country Store page there! That's how I found your blog. Hope to visit often and you are more than welcome to visit my blog as well. It's a tatting blog...no not tattooes..LOL! It's about hand tatted lace.
    Have a very happy birthday when the time comes!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. just added you to my favorites please join me at therustycupboard.blogspot.com thanks