Thursday, October 14, 2010

It Has To Get Better!!

This is a very powerful and shocking video, that everyone should watch and listen is very important!! 
This may not be happening to your child, but your child could be one of the bullies or know someone that this is happening to..we must take steps to stop this senseless insults from one child to another! Just yesterday I saw a status from a celebrity who intentionally mentioned someone possibly being gay..why?? It was not necessary to his status, but yet he mentioned it! As a public figure and as an adult that was the last thing we need to see!
The responsibility belongs to all of us, not just parents, we all need to take whatever steps we must to help stop this nasty habit! It is sad but there is also adult bullies who say uncalled for and hateful, hurtful things to other adults on the have every chance to rewrite and not say in print painful things to others. Weigh your words, double check what you type and make darn sure you are sending the message of what kind of person you really want to be..bullies come in all sizes, shapes, from all walks of life..don't be one yourself!! It takes just as long to be kind as it does to be rude and hateful and your kindness may just save a life!
I know this might seem like a strong statement, but I know from which I am speaking, I was a bullied child....because I was skinny and freckle faced and redheaded and was awful at sports. I was hit by the dreaded dodge ball more times than I care to remember! I cried myself to sleep many nights over things like this..I prayed that I would wake up and not be who I was, but would be pretty and well liked. I compensated by being a straight A student and by being the best I could be in a church group.
Yes, I was always a part of the "cool group", but I felt it was so they had someone to pick on, or help with school work. I don't really know and now I don't really care to know what the motives were. I grew into a attractive well rounded adult. and no I do not feel like I "showed"  them, but I showed myself who I was and what I would become.
But you know what, just a couple of weeks ago, I was internet bullied, it hurt, it hurt a lot..but I prayed for that person who was so cruel and so selfish and then let it go. Or so I thought I did...but the old pain of that little girl came flooding back. But as an adult I can work through it and over come it as I have walked the path of an adult and as a Christian. But most children and teens can not do watch for the signs and be involved with your might save their life or the life of someone else's child.
Watch this video and listen to his powerful words!
God be with you all!

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