Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Duck!! Projectile Jewelry May Be Headed Your Direction!!

Nah, not really..I do not often throw things, even if I do feel like it. You know they say that creative people are temperamental, well right now I just feel mental!!
Let me start by saying, I hate air conditioning and will turn it off and open the windows every chance I get. And yesterday with lower temps and the rain seemed like a good day to open those windows and get some fresh air. So wrong!! Because apparently every piece of jewelery I made yesterday does not share my enthusiasm for fresh air !! Well at least not the humid rainy part!
What was I thinking? Or was I thinking at all?? Most likely not as I sometimes just tend to bull ahead and do things. Yesterday being one of those and man was I on a roll! So I make all this stuff and set it next to the window to dry and set up..oh dear Lord girl, you know better than that..resins, plaster, glues and whatever else I used do not like humidity at all!! They all look like a experiment gone wrong! Holes, cracks, air bubbles, bleeding of the papers I used...things that usually never happen to me!
All my handmade and designed and painted papers cracked too! The only thing that seemed to go okay was the cards I made..thank goodness for Aleene's Tacky Glue!! It did it's stuff and the cards at least look good!!
So in summary there is about 6 pieces of  gooey, cracked and weird looking jewelry and 5 pieces of large cracked, crackled looking paper...
Oh WAIT!! Humm do I see a rainbow at the end of this story?? Humm maybe I am seeing some real altered art in the making here?..okay nothing is flying except the little wheels inside my head..I remember Lisa Fulmer once saying do not throw away anything that has gone awry..okay what shall I turn this tragedy into?? So I guess if life hands you lemons, you just need to suck it up and make altered art!! That is my version of altered art..lol1
Have a blessed day!!

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