Friday, September 17, 2010

An Era Ends Today..

Hello, my name is Genelle and I am a soap opera addict..I admit it!! It is genetic, I got it from my mother and I passed it to my children. When will this madness stop?? Never I hope!
But today sadly a very long running soap opera comes to an end.."As The World Turns" makes it's last stop in Oakdale first aired in 1956..they say it is low ratings and it probably is as it competes in most areas against "General Hospital" and that soap is always in the top of the ratings.
But still I will miss Dr. Hughes and Lisa and all the good and the bad people of Oakdale. They promise the last one will be a doozy and I hope so, as so many soaps just kind of ended with a thud. It joins a long line of soaps to end.."The Guiding Light", "The Edge of Night", "Another World", "Search For Tomorrow", "Ryan's Hope" and many others.
You can find a history of soaps here. One thing is for sure soap operas have spawned a ton of stars and led us into some really bizarre happenings. But I love 'em!!  I will be there to see the finale of this great long running soap and while watching it today I will recall my mother crocheting away as she watched what the fine folks of Oakdale would do that day.
This is the original cast of  "As The World Turns"

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