Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quick decorating/craft idea..FRAME IT!!

You know how we love to get those beautiful roses from our gardens or a sprig of lavender or some sweet smelling goody from your yard and never can find a vase to display them. Or maybe all your vases are way too large for just one little is a quick idea for was not my original idea as I saw it on a craft show a long time ago..wish I could recall who did it!!
Okay, maybe you have some left over ribbon and you have no idea what to use it for..and just maybe you are like most of us and have old frames or frame mats and they just take up space..well let's put them to work!!
What you need:
any size frame or frame mat
ribbon..enough to go around your frame at least one time, I like to go around mine at least twice and I use 1.5 inch width
a small flower vial that holds water
some pins or a glue gun
Okay you can start by taping or gluing your ribbon to your starting point on your frame or mat and begin to wind the ribbon around the frame in a spiral pattern until it is completely covered..leaving a tail long enough to make something to hang it with..if you are using a regular frame you may not need to do this as it probably has a hangar on the back of the frame. Now I use pins as I might want to use the ribbon again for something else, but you can of course glue it down if you prefer.
Stick the flower vial with the water in it in one of the opening of the wound around ribbon, put in a flower and Viola!! Hang it up and enjoy.
You can of course add other embellishments to your frame or mat or hang it over a picture or photo. If you use a frame maybe you can add some hooks on the bottom of the frame and place it by the door to hang your keys on or something such as that. By the way I also like to use wire edged ribbon. Following are some pics..please understand I am not a photographer by any means!!
 Ribbon wrapped mat with flower holder
Ribbon wrapped mat with polymer clay butterfly pin as embellishment. I made the pin!
Ribbon wrapped mat placed over a framed pic..that is my cutie grand daughter!

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