Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Day of Encouragement

Did you know there is a National Day of Encouragement? I think this is a day we should try to promote every day..never hurts to give encouragement to those you know..someone who might just be needing some words to help them along the way.
I know being a person with fibromyalgia that encouragement is a big help to me. Sometimes I give this encouragement to myself, just a small pep talk to get me going in the morning. Maybe just a small prayer or a little "You can do it!". I know others can benefit from some great words of hope also!
I have found some great encouraging words as of late in a great community I have joined in the way of a site known as TheHive. It is a wonderful group of artists, crafters, retailers, cooks, consumers and people from many walks of life. These folks post projects they have done or things they might be selling or have bought. They talk to one another in an encouraging way with openness and honesty whether it be about their craft or about problems others have. And there is groups within the site you can join, groups that may pertain to you and what you like. It is without a doubt the best social media group I have ever joined and you can find TheHive here.
Many long years ago when I was on the road selling outdoor electrical display signs to businesses I got a bit down after a long spell of no sales. I was in a town in New Mexico, named Portales, I went into a Christian bookstore to try to sell them what we called a marquee sign and a glow ball for the business..well this man could tell I was down and needed some spiritual commitment to myself and a boost to my pride and ego. He gave me a book by Dr. Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral fame.." Self Love"( I know many do not agree with Dr. Schuller and I am not a follower but found this book helpful)..the book suggested standing in front of the mirror and speaking words of encouragement to one's self and I did that for a few days. well I went out and sold all but one business I visited signs that weekend!!
So you never know what or who might encourage you and who might encourage with just a few well chosen words. so to all of you I say this:
"In this great big world, you make a difference. I'm so thankful that one of the many lives you've touched is mine. I pray God multiplies back to you the blessing you are, many times over."
Try watching this positive child Jessica or this great video on making life simple..
I pray for all of you a great day of ENCOURAGEMENT each and every day!!

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