Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Once in awhile even I rant..

Every week I make a trip to my nearest hobby and craft store to restock and replenish my craft stash. Now mind you that is not a 15 minute 5 mile trip, but rather an hour over back-roads and 45 miles. A trip that is not often easy on me due to the extreme heat we have had and how it affects my fibro. Granted that is not the store's problem and of course we usually grocery shop at the same time.
I hate to complain about any business and at this time the store shall rename nameless, but I know you guys are smart and can figure it out quickly.
Why make the trip to the hobby and craft store on a weekly basis? Well since our fire, we live in a 5th wheel and while it is not really small, it sure is not big and I have limited space in which to store things. So I "need" certain things weekly to replenish the stash. and the store has great weekly sales and a good coupon almost every week.
That is if the clerks would actually give you the sale prices or the clearance prices! I place the items on the belt in order, findings together that are on sale, regular priced items, fabrics, clearance items..you get the idea. I always even mention that a item is on discount and usually get told, I KNOW. Oh really, you do know? Then why do you have to look at the sales flier on every item? Why do you charge me full price?
This past week, I bought several sheets of scrapbooking paper to be able to start my holiday cards. I found some great papers marked down to 6 for a buck! I even mentioned to the clerk how I wish they would not put a red mark through the price when discounting the papers as the red mark bleeds through. He agreed. I laid the papers out as to the 6 for a buck and the regular price papers and told him which were which.
Now maybe I should go through each item and compare it to the sales receipt before I leave the store or do it in the parking lot..but why should I have to dump out all my bags to double check what I just told the clerk about? So sure enough I get home check the receipts and bamm!! I was charged full price for all the paper..I was over charged by about 6 bucks!
So, it being not the first time I was overcharged on something and already having called the store to talk to the manager about it and being told bring it back and we will adjust it..not likely we will make a 100 miles round trip back to town that day..telling the manager that..they say oh any time is okay. Meaning I can now not use the items until it is looked at and adjusted, which will be next week. But every time I go back that manager in not there and I have not once got my price adjustment or I needed to use the stuff right now and could not take it back for the adjustment.
WHEW!! So I call corporate this time..get a nice young man who insists on calling me Miss Genelle..tell him my woes and he says he will look into it..calls Miss Genelle back and says I know you do not want to have to go back for such a small amount (I do not consider 6 bucks a small amount actually) and that he spoke to the manager and they will speak to the employees.
Matter not resolved in my  mind at all..total overcharge in past 2 months is around $20!!  But apparently they do not really care! and the store shows it too, as they is leaks all over the place and barriers up and do not enter signs, so you can not get to some of the items they sell. That has gone on for many months. makes me wonder if they plan on closing this store.
But you know what a new store for crafts and hobbies has opened up and they are no longer the only game in town and it is right next to where I buy groceries too!!
True overcharges do happen from time to time, but with this store it is consistent and they don't really care or so it appears. I do hope they finally resolve this matter, but I am not holding my breath until they actually do..

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